Top Berry Barn

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Guided Wagon Tour

Guest will board our covered wagon and take an adventure ride through our produce fields, abundant in plants and produce.  Learners will discover:
  • Prepping the fields with tractors and plows
  • Planting each and every plant by hand
  • Irrigation and watering each and every plant
  • Fertilizers and nutrients provided to each plant
  • Harvesting all the produce by hand
  • Packing and cooling the produce
  • Delivering the produce to grocery stores all over Louisiana


Each guest will have the opportunity to harvest their very own Pumpkins and Corn in the fall or Strawberries in the spring. Other Fruits and vegetables are offered during certain times of the year depending on the growing seasons.  We provide each guest with a picking container and can bundle containers together for large groups.

Green House and Planting

Students and children will plant their own vegetable seed in an individual cup with a lid to take back home or school and watch grow. Instructions will also be provided to help you care for your plant.


We have also pre-planted vegetables in our green house and are ready to be transplanted into the fields!  Each visitor will plant a plant on a row in the field.  We will water and fertilize your plants and keep you updated on how they are doing if you wish. Teachers may also come back to harvest their students produce from the plants they planted!

Barn & Animal Life

We have plenty of Agri-tainment for you to enjoy at our barn!  Guests will take our wagon ride to our barn and spend time meeting and playing with our animals.  At the barn, you can expect to meet Big Ben and Dan, our Belgium Horses, which pull a wagon and will take you on a trail ride!  Eor, our miniature mule, will ride you on our miniature carts and take you on an adventure through the pasture.  We also have baby chicks, ducks, rabbits, sheep and goats!  Hand-washing stations are available to use before boarding the wagon.  Also, guests can walk through our chicken coop and see where our chickens roost and lay eggs.


**New this fall, we are hatching our own baby chicks in incubators!


Other activities include a hay bale pyramid, giant corn boxes with diggers and tractor swings!


Ag-Venture land is also coming this fall!  Guests are provided with their very own bushel to assist in gathering all their goods that come from the farm.  See exactly where your food comes from!  Harvesters will be guided through the animal exhibits and collect many goods including milk, wool, eggs and produce!  After all goods have been collected, we will sell them to the Farmer’s Market where each farmer will receive their own allowance to purchase a yummy snack!

Corn Maize & Pumpkin Patch

Our corn Maize and pumpkin patch is only offered in the fall.  
This fall’s corn maize will be bigger and better than ever!  The maize if full of scarecrows, dead ends and bridges to excite you as you make your way through!  Each scarecrow holds a hole puncher of a different shape which you will use to punch your card to help guide you in the right direction.  

Our pumpkins are growing fast!  Pick pumpkins right off the vine or choose a pre-picked one from our pumpkin patch.  One pie pumpkin is included with every admission.  

Picnic & Concessions

Our pavilion is full of picnic tables that hold approximately 120-150 children.  Guests are welcome to bring a picnic lunch.  

 Concessions are also available for purchase.  Some of the items for sale include, nachos, hot dogs, soft drinks and lemonade, candy apples, popcorn, cookies, cupcakes and more!

NEW THIS FALL - Check out our gift shop! Jams, jelly, and so much more; t-shirts, honey, and gifts galore!