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Booking Your Trip

Please see our updated calendar for available dates...

We currently do not take more than 300 people per day (students and chaperones). If you expect your group to be larger, you may book more than one day. If your group is smaller, other groups may book on the same day as your group. You can check availability on the calendar. Click on the Partially Booked Event and the number of spots left will be posted.

Liuzza Land accepts cash, checks and Credit Cards.
Deposits are not necessary.
Admission for school groups are $8 per child (ages 2-12) / $8 per adult. Teachers, Day of Bus Drivers, and Children Under 2 are Free.

We are planning to open to the public for spring, and more information will be announced soon.

Helpful Tips

Dress Comfortable and wear loose fit clothing.

Wear a hat or cap and closed-toe shoes.


Watch your step on the farm.

Do not walk in wet rows.

What to Bring      

Bring sunscreen.

Money for concessions and gift shop items.


There will be hand washing stations and restrooms for guests. Everyone will need to wash their hands after picking the strawberries/pumpkins and before eating any refreshments or lunch. Chewing gum is not prohibited. NO SMOKING!