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All About Liuzza

Liuzza Produce Farm has been providing fresh fruits and vegetables all over Louisiana for Five Generations. The farm currently owns and operates approximately 500 acres of produce.

In the spring of 2011, the farm branched out and opened “Liuzza Land,” an educational and entertaining experience for adults and children of all ages.  Liuzza Land offers fall and spring field trips to students, teachers and parents in south Louisiana. Liuzza Land has big plans in the near future and we hope to establish “deep roots” that will live inside the hearts of young minds for many years to come!

Liuzza Land Presents:
"Agri-tainment" on the Farm!

Liuzza Produce Farm is excited to offer visitors of all ages an educational and hands on experience where guests will learn all about where our food comes from, how our produce grows from seeds to the food we eat and travels from the farm to grocery stores all over Louisiana.

Also, we guarantee an entertaining and exciting adventure by introducing you to our animal exhibits, pony & buggy rides, U-pick produce and NEW this fall, Ag-Venture Land!!